ApartHotel Papafotis – Apartments and Double or Twin Rooms

Monthly rentals

Are you looking for a monthly and long term rental in Leros?

Our mission:

Best Accommodation: We offer a variety of Apartments, Studios and Rooms for monthly and long term rental. You will find your home in Leros.

Best Price: We are a family business and make great offers to satisfy our guests. You have the best price in Leros.

Best Service: We are happy when you are happy. We will always give the best service and more. You have the best service in Leros.

We offer:

– Special price for monthly rental *

– Choose your ideal accommodation among different room types on the ground floor or the upper floor.

– Weekly housekeeping for free

– Weekly Ironing service (Additional charge)

– Weekly Laundry service (Additional charge)

– “Breakfast in a box” service (Additional charge)

– Special deals for car and motorbike rental (We own the business Moto LEROS car & motorbike rental).

Contact us for more information and we would be glad to assist you.

* Please note special price for monthly rental applies for months October-May.