ApartHotel Papafotis – Apartments and Double or Twin Rooms

The ApartHotel

The story of ApartHotel Papafotis which is located in Leros Island opened in 1989, is a tale of continual innovation, expansion and a single-minded dedication to the highest of standards. 
The name “Papafotis” is taken from our owning and operating family — the Papafotis. 

Over the years, ApartHotel Papafotis continues to be 100% family owned and operated. This is very different than those big franchise-based hotel chains where you have one group that owns the hotel, another that manages it, and still another that owns the name on the building. That just doesn’t work for us. How can you keep all that straight! You see, we like to keep things simple.
We created the ApartHotel Papafotis for savvy travellers like you. People who want to seek and explore without spending it all.

Nevertheless, It does not matter where will you choose to stay, just come and let your family & friends know about our Island’s hidden beauties.

  • We own Moto LEROS car, ATV and scooter rental company, as a result,
    car-hire and motorbike hire can be arranged by the ApartHotel on request, with vehicles delivered to the door.
  • Daily maid service*.
  • Free WiFi internet connection.

    * Kindly note the service is subject to change because of measures against COVID19